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University Strikes: Claim Compensation for Lost Hours

University students across the UK have faced numerous challenges over the past few years, with lecturer strikes significantly disrupting the academic experience. If you have been affected by these strikes, you might be eligible for a tuition fee refund or compensation for lost hours. At Student Claims, we specialize in helping students claim the tuition fee refund they deserve.

Strike compensation university refund

Understanding the Impact of Lecturer Strikes

Lecturer strikes have led to cancelled classes, interrupted lectures, and a lack of academic support. The strikes over 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 have had a lasting impact on students’ academic interests, and often the lost hours were not made up for​1. This disruption has potentially affected your grades, understanding of the course material, and overall university experience.

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Why Claim Compensation?

When you pay your tuition fees, you enter into a study agreement with your university. If your university fails to provide the agreed-upon services, such as scheduled lectures and classes, you have the right to claim financial compensation. Tuition fees range from £9,250 to £32,000 per year, which is a significant investment. Each lost hour due to a lecturer strike could equate to as much as £400 per hour in compensation, depending on your tuition fees. Claiming compensation for lost hours is a way to ensure you get the value you paid for.

How We Can Help

Our experienced claims experts are here to guide you through the process of claiming compensation or a tuition fee refund. Whether the breach in the study agreement is due to lecturer strikes or other factors, we’ll help you navigate the claims process to recover the funds you are entitled to.

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Our Claims Process

  • Free Consultation

    Fill in the form with 14 days no-questions cancellation or discuss your situation with our claims experts during a no-obligation consultation. Understand the potential value of your claim and the steps involved in the process.

  • Claim Evaluation

    We'll evaluate the validity and potential value of your claim, considering all factors involved.

  • Documentation

    We'll help you gather all necessary documents to support your claim, ensuring every detail is accurately recorded.

  • Claim Submission

    Our team will submit your claim to the relevant authorities on your behalf, ensuring all deadlines are met.

  • Claim Negotiation

    We'll negotiate with the university to secure the highest possible compensation on your behalf, addressing any concerns or objections they may have.

  • Compensation

    Once successful, receive your compensation directly to your account, ensuring a smooth transfer process. We charge no upfront fees and nothing at all unless we are successful, provided you leave the case in our hands throughout.

Why Choose Student Claims?

At Student Claims, we stand apart from services that focus on group court claims. Instead, we provide personalized assistance to individual students facing issues due to university strikes or other disruptions. With a successful track record, we have helped students reclaim the funds they deserve. Students may be entitled to as much as £400 for each hour lost due to lecturer strikes.

Our Success Stories

Janetta Hare
Review of our Advisors
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'I have found them to be extremely efficient and without their help, I would not have had a successful claim. They worked very hard on my behalf and I thank them for all their hard work.'
Geoff Aust
Review of our Advisors
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'From our initial contact right through to a very satisfactory conclusion they have been extremely professional and kept us updated throughout. Highly recommend taking advantage of their services.'
Elizabeth Gilfillan
Review of our Advisors
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'The team were successful in winning our claim for us. We are so grateful and would not hesitate in recommending this amazing team of professionals. Great value for money and much appreciated.'
Strike compensation university refund

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